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‘Are you telling me that it’s not a day off?’: Remote worker complains about being asked to work while working from home

‘I just die on my work-from-home day.. At least that’s what I tell my supervisor.’


Dan Latu


TikTok user Ertan Fedai (@ertanfedai) struck a chord with other workers staring down the new normal of remote work in a video he posted on the platform, where it went viral with over 50,000 views.

In the video, Fedai jokingly complains about his employer’s expectations of him as a remote employee.

“When they expect you to work when you’re working from home,” the video’s overlay text reads, showing an exasperated Fedai as he sits at his home-office desk, lip-syncing a popular TikTok audio using the line, “can I live? Can I fucking live?”

“Are you telling me that it’s not a day off??” he added in the caption.

@ertanfedai Are you telling me that it’s not a day off?? #wfh #adulting #job #adultingishard ♬ original sound – Mahmoud

Fedai’s viral post actually speaks to an emotional split and “productivity paranoia” hanging over many workplaces. While over 87% of workers feel like they’re productive at home, only 12% of managers feel like their teams use their time at home wisely, according to a Microsoft survey that recently appeared in an Inc. story. 

Comments on Fedai’s video revealed the stress hiding under the work-from-home divide.

“Don’t spoil it for the homeworkers,” one user wrote.

“I’m tryna live the soft life here smh,” another use said.

Others pointed out how certain aspects of remote work puts a damper on their day.

“No but the ringing is so triggering,” a user claimed.

To which the creator replied, “The mute button looking too good when it starts to ring.”

But many found the humor in Fedai’s video. 

“I just die on my work-from-home day.. At least that’s what I tell my supervisor,” one user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Fedai via TikTok comment for this story.

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