Woman allegedly kicked off flight for wearing Black Panther hat

Amanda Stevens in a Black Panther hat

Photo via Amanda Stevens/Twitter

It made the pilot ‘uncomfortable.’

A passenger claims she was kicked off a United flight for wearing a T-shirt with an upside down flag and a baseball cap that read “Black Panther.” According to Amanda Stevens, the clothing made the pilot “uncomfortable,” and she was asked to leave.

The hat was a reference to Black Panther, the Marvel character who recently appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Her shirt was an A$AP Rocky design, which was pulled from stores after complaints that the upside down flag was “disrespectful.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Stevens and United about the incident, and will update if and when either respond. Stevens told io9 that she was allowed to board the plane, but that after a tense interaction with a flight attendant, “I didn’t know if I was going to be staying on the plane or not, and I said that.” She said her exchange with the flight attendant was given as the reason she was kicked off the flight.

United appeared to reach out to Stevens via Twitter to “follow-up” on the incident.

Stevens is a freelancer who covers esports and said on Twitter she was on her way to LoL Esports Worlds.

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