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‘He called you out of your name. Tell them what you called them’: Woman outs husband for allegedly calling group of Black men the N-word behind their backs on street

'She’s not no Karen. That’s a Kimberly.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Jan 3, 2023

A white woman on TikTok has been dubbed a “Kimberly” — the opposite of a “Karen” — after exposing her husband for allegedly calling a group of Black men the N-word.

TikTok user @mvalentinoent recorded the woman loudly outing her husband and posted the video to TikTok, where it garnered two million views as of Jan. 3. The woman appears to be intoxicated but insists that her husband, who is also white, used the slur.

In the video, the woman stops in the middle of the sidewalk she and her husband are walking down and refuses to follow him. The husband continues walking toward the group of Black men and pauses to say, “I’m so sorry, man,” as he passes.

“He called you out of your names so bad,” the woman loudly says as she approaches the group. Then, addressing her husband, she says, “Tell them what you called them.”

The TikToker and other members of the group chime in, asking the man to repeat what he allegedly said. When her husband refuses to confess to the accusation, the woman snaps, “Give me my fucking purse, you fucking piece of shit.”

Her husband, who appears to be holding her purse for her, replies, “But you need to be safe. You’re not doing this.”

The woman loudly reassures him that she will be safe.

@mvalentinoent Lol karen exposes husband for bieng racist not all karens are bad after all 😂😂😂 like for part 2 #karen #whiteguy #nyc #worldstar ♬ original sound – MVALENTINO ENT

In the video’s caption, the TikToker writes, “Lol karen exposes husband for [being] racist not all Karens are bad after all.”

Viewers corrected the TikToker, however, saying that the woman could not be called a Karen for calling out racism. Instead, they named her Kimberly.

“She’s not no Karen. That’s a Kimberly with ha fine self,” one viewer commented.

“I know that’s right Kimberly,” a second praised.

“Don’t ever call her a Karen,” a third wrote.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker asks the woman what her husband called them. The TikToker explains in a caption that he muted her response because TikTok would not allow him to post the video with the slur. However, he confirms that the woman said her husband used the N-word.

The husband leans into the TikToker’s camera and says, “I’m sorry I said that,” but the TikToker calls him out for seeming to laugh.

“Did he laugh? Did he laugh?” the woman asks, seemingly on the verge of tears. “I will never protect him. He’s a piece of shit. He thinks he is entitled.”

The TikToker asks the woman if she wants him to “punch out” her husband, and she replies that she doesn’t care what they do to her husband.

@mvalentinoent Part of the karen exposes husband for bieng racist had to block out when she said n word 😂😂😂😂😂 #fyp #karen #nyc #worldstar ♬ original sound – MVALENTINO ENT

Several viewers commented on the woman’s anger toward her husband. Some even joked that she must have been wanting a divorce.

“She really doesn’t like him at all and the alcohol brung it all out…divorce in the future,” one viewer commented.

“She been waiting on a reason to get a divorce,” a second wrote.

Others speculated that this wasn’t the first time the woman had had to call out her husband’s racism.

“This is def a convo she’s had w him before and he didn’t listen she over it,” one user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @mvalentinoent via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2023, 6:01 pm CST