Wikipedia: Where you can find the best Olympic commentary

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Forget what your high school teacher said about the source.

Sorry NBC, but as the Rio 2016 games continue, it has become clear that Wikipedia has the best Olympic commentary around.

Wikipedia users are stealthily changing the entries of Olympic athletes and, in the process, are providing some pretty hilarious and on-point analysis of the Olympic games.

Like literally putting Olympic record-setter Michael Phelps in a class by himself. 

And etching out a place in history—and the future—for Phelps’s rival, South African swimmer Chad le Clos.

Also, India is slyly trying to get ahead of itself. 

The internet: Where all dreams can be realized. At least until an administrator comes in a clears things up.

Screengrab via Wikipedia

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Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz

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