Woman accidentally receives stranger's Whole Foods order

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‘What can they be making with all that bone broth’: Woman accidentally receives stranger’s Whole Foods order ‘worth $200’

'Thank you to the stranger for having such a luxurious and healthy lifestyle.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 14, 2023

A woman on TikTok can’t believe her luck after she accidentally received a stranger’s Whole Foods Market order.

“OK this has never happened to me, but I just got someone else’s whole foods order,” TikTok user @thehannadiaries began in her video that has been viewed more than 109,200 times by Monday. (The Daily Dot contacted the TikTok user via email.)

She explained that she knocked on her neighbor’s doors to ensure the food wasn’t theirs. She also contacted Amazon’s customer service, which gave her the go-ahead to keep the items and said the company will refund or replace the original customer’s order. 

@thehanniediaries manifestated too close to the sun i fear 🫢#fyp #lowspendmonth #unbox #wholefoods #wrongorder #unboxing #groceriesorder #unboxinggroceries ♬ original sound – hannybanany

“So unbox a stranger’s Whole Foods order with me,” she continued. 

The first items she showed were two large cartons of bone broth, followed by three boxes of fig bars, Dave’s Killer Bread, dried mango, and scallions.

In the next round, there was yet another container of broth, followed by a bag of broccoli, chopped salad, and various bags of frozen potatoes.

The real big-ticket item was a carton of 18 Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs. “This is peak luxury,” the TikToker said. After looking up the price, she saw that it cost $13.49.

For produce, the stranger had ordered avocados, peppers, and apples. The rest of the items included tortillas, cheese, multiple packages of bacon, and chicken.

Since she had hit the grocery jackpot, the TikTok user took the time to thank the random stranger. “Thank you to the stranger for having such a luxurious and healthy lifestyle,” she said. “I will greatly benefit from this this week.”

She also wondered if she had accidentally manifested the free groceries through her low-spend month challenge and thinking about groceries. 

“Did I manifest this?” she asked herself. “I may have manifested this.”

Before the grocery store was acquired by Amazon in 2017, it was reported that its items were 10% to 20% more than other grocery stores. This eventually led to the nickname “Whole Paycheck.”    

In the comments, people emphasized how lucky she is. 

“This is the real American Dream,” one wrote. “This is my dream,” another wrote.

“This was so much better than expected,” a third commented. 

A fourth estimated how much free food she got. “That’s gotta be at least $200 worth of food,” they wrote with a crying face emoji. “Congratulations.”

Others wanted a piece of her fortune. “Can u play the lottery for me or something,” this person commented.

Many more pondered why the stranger ordered so much bone broth. It’s a collagen-rich liquid that’s made from boiling down connective tissues and animal bones. 

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow found herself in hot water in March for saying that she eats bone broth for lunch most days. Since bone broth doesn’t contain many calories, people found her diet polarizing and unhealthy. 

“What can they be making with all that bone broth,” one commenter wrote with a laughing emoji.

“Im a shopper for whole foods and ppl will just order bags and bags of bone broth lol,” another explained.

In her video, the TikTok user also pondered why there was so much bone broth. “Should I be drinking this in the morning now?” she asked.

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*First Published: Aug 14, 2023, 6:34 pm CDT