Ashton Pittman/Twitter

White supremacists filmed propaganda video at Emmett Till’s memorial

The new memorial has a bulletproof case and a security system for precisely this reason.


Tiffanie Drayton


Surveillance video at Emmett Till‘s memorial caught white supremacists recording a racist propaganda video at the site. Journalist Ashton Pittman uploaded a series of short videos to Twitter and explained exactly what went down.

“White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till’s memorial today with a Mississippi Flag & a League of the South flag to film a racist propaganda video. The Emmett Till Interpretive Center’s security cams at the now-bulletproof monument caught them,” he tweeted.

Apparently, they were mad that there are no white people at the Civil Rights monument.

“We are here at the Emmett Till monument that represents the Civil Rights movement for Blacks,” a man can be heard saying in the video. “What we want to know is where are all the white people?”

In the second video, a loud alarm rings and the group flees the scene.

“Shortly after, members of the white supremacist org disperse & scurry to their cars after apparently setting off a security alarm at the newly-replaced Emmett Till memorial, now bulletproof, after being shot up repeatedly. (Warning: loud video),” Pittman wrote.

The memorial was rededicated earlier this year, after three white University of Mississippi students riddled it with bullets, and that was not the first time it had been vandalized. Back in 2007, a memorial at the site was stolen. After it was replaced, it was shot up multiple times in that same year and also in 2018.

The new memorial sign is protected by bulletproof glass and also has a full-blown security system, which evidently worked.


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