What’s the one thing on your phone you’d never want anyone to see?

On Sunday, the cloud opened up and rained down on the Web a deluge of celebrity nudes. The leak wasn’t just a glimpse into the intimate moments and private sex lives of notable stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, it served as a chilling reminder that if any part of your life is digital, it’s not safe.

Twitter was quick to sympathize with the victims of the attack. Users voiced their own privacy concerns through the hashtag #IfMyPhoneGotHacked. While Apple has attempted to distance itself from the debacle, denying that the leak was due to failures in their security software, the breach has caused many to consider the vulnerabilities of their devices.

Meanwhile, on the secret-sharing app Whisper, users air their dirty laundry under the protection of anonymity and security. (How secure, though? “No login, no email address, no Facebook connect, no phone number,” says Slade Sohmer, Whisper’s head of news. “Also, geolocation is opt-in and heavily salted, meaning the true location of a user is never revealed.”)

Here’s how users are responding to the prompt “What is the one thing on your phone or computer right now that you would never want anyone to see or find out about?”

It gets dark.

What is one thing on your phone or computer right now that you would never want anyone to see or find out about?
That would be the convos between me and my mistress the things she makes me do 😍

A journal entry about the real reason I left college. :(

The extreme erotica I write. My parents or friends would never look at me the same.

Screenshots of my ex's facebook page

All of the recent conversations I've had with my ex. My friends would kill me

The amount of Hanson pictures I have.  It's kind of sad. Lol

All the sex toys I have on Pinterest.

I have videos of myself peeing on things in my phone.


i have lots of 1D music 😁



Rape porn



The sex stories I read to get off



I'm talking to 10 guys


Pictures of my old cuts


I have a journal app on my phone. I confessed that I found a lump in my breast. I'd rather tell everyone rather than it being found accidentally

(Want more? You can find it on the Whisper app.)

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Greg Seals

Greg Seals

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