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24 Halloween costumes so weird all you can do is laugh

In need of funny or unique Halloween costume ideas? We got you.


Marisa Losciale


Funny adult Halloween costumes are in high demand, which really puts pressure on anyone trying to find one. After all, many jokes are really only funny the first time, so choosing a costume based on one can be a great way to land yourself in the comedy cemetery. Lucky for you, we’ve located two dozen costumes that are not only hilarious but straight-up BIZARRE. So much so that they’ll make you question why would anyone want to wear these? Why, for the laughs and the ‘gram, of course.


Funny adult Halloween costumes that you can buy online

1) You’re a giant inflatable pig. Inflatable Pig Costume Christmas Costumes Fancy Dress  Masquerade Funny Cosplay Party Clothes for Adult (1pcs): Clothing

Price on Amazon: $33.99

2) Polly wants a cracker (and her dignity back)

Price: $72.81

3) Dance like no-one is watching, bby

Price: $49.95

4) In order to get the Benjamins, you have to be the Benjamin

Price: $21.16+

5) Escargot? More like escarNO!!!!!

Price: $19.99

6) JUST WHY??????

Price: $49.36

7) Okay, here’s a costume people might actually be jelly of

Price: $29.97

8) 🎶You are my sunflower 🎶

Price: $31.35

9) Remember Spongebob’s adopted seahorse, Mystery? This is her now

Price: $39.21

10) I’m absolutely terri-fried

Price: $21.85

11) This little piggy stayed home because he couldn’t fit through the door


Price: $44.95

12) For those who believe the recent spike in measle outbreaks could’ve been worse

Price: $11.99+

13) No thanks, I’m stuffed

Price: $8.39

14) What’s up, dawg?

Price: $20.99

15) Now you can literally be in a pickle

Price: $22

16) Might as well milk it–when else can you wear an inflatable cow suit?

Price: $44.95

17) Yes, it comes with the nuts

Price: $63.98

18) If you need to keep your costume clean (for the kids), this’ll do

Price: $29.99

19) Nothin’ creepy about a giant baby, nope!

Price: $118.33

20) Have some fun in the sun!!!!!

Price: $39.98

21) Wherever you (flamin)go, I will follow

Price: $29.50

22) What a work of art!

Price: $15.54

23) Any bigfoot fans here?

Price: $46.34

24) Anyone else having flashbacks to The Sopranos?

Price: $33.27

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