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This is what it’s like to walk down the aisle of your dream wedding

Something borrowed, something blue, and Google Glass. 


Sarah Weber


If you’ve seen one wedding video, you’ve seen them all. Short of a new dance craze taking over the bridal party or some hilariously tragic mess up, a beaming bride generally walks down the aisle as a hushed crowd of teary-eyed family and friends look on.

But one bride who got married this summer took the ordinary recording of her nuptials and gave it a perspective you haven’t seen before unless you’ve been the one behind the veil.

Jessica Kaun became the first known bride to walk down the aisle wearing Google Glass when she married Steven Soong on Aug. 24. The first-person recording of her wedding day was part of a project called “Ok, Glass, I do,” which aims to showcase the impact and prevalence of wearable technology in the world.

We assume that Kaun’s Google Glass was her “something new.”

H/T | Screengrab via Vandrico/YouTube 

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