Walmart apologizes for honoring custom ISIS flag cake order

Isis cake

But at least it nixed that Confederate flag cake order?

It’s officially taboo to be down with the Confederate flag, and Walmart was one of the first major retailers to distance itself from the problematic symbol of systematic oppression. But when the megastore rejected one man’s request for a Confederate flag cake, he decided to test the system by requesting an ISIS flag instead.

Chuck Netzhammer is proud of the Confederate flag, and he wanted to buy a cake to show his love. Unfortunately, the Walmart store in Slidel, Louisiana, had other plans, as Netzhammer explained in a YouTube video.

They rejected his cake design, which featured a Confederate flag and the text “Heritage not hate,” in the aftermath of a mass shooting at an historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, that left nine people dead.

The Confederate devotee was so mad about the rejection that he decided to test the system by requesting a cake depicting the ISIS terrorist organization’s flag. And he succeeded. He displayed the receipts for all his purchases.

“Walmart, can you explain why you’re alienating southern Americans with this trash you allow to be sold in your store while at the same point Confederate flag memorabilia is not allowed?” he opined.

Walmart responded to a query from the Daily Caller about the cake. A spokesperson wrote in an email, “Our local store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have been made and we apologize.”

H/T Mediaite | Screengrab via Chuck Netzhammer/YouTube

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

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