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‘Walgreens…is it a pharmacy or a credit card company?’: Worker says she was fired from Walgreens for refusing to peddle the store credit cards

'I will never get a store credit card or donate through a store.'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Nov 14, 2022

An alleged former Walgreens employee claims she was unfairly fired after a manager accused her of not doing enough to peddle the store’s credit cards. 

Walgreens is one of many places that sells store-specific credit cards. And while it’s unclear from the former employee (TikTok user @kpants84) which store she was employed at, she records a conversation between herself and a superior (who is referred to as Kelly), who says that the store is required to sell six cards per week. 

So far, @kpants84’s video has over 30,000 views. 


Walgreens…is it a pharmacy or a credit card company? The latter I assume.

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The video starts in the middle of a conversation between @kpants84 and Kelly. In the clip, they go back-and-forth over whether the worker is doing enough to get people to donate to the charities Walgreens supports and how it’s supposedly her “job” to sell the store’s credit cards. 

“You’re not asking. I heard you. … You have to ask every single person. It’s your job,” Kelly says.

“And I have been asking, Kelly,” @kpants84 responds.

“It’s your job. We are required to sell six credit cards a week. They can track that. And, you know what? .. You guys are going to lose your jobs because you’re not doing your job. Do you understand that?” Kelly says.

“The credit card is not a good credit card,” @kpants84 starts before she’s cut off by Kelly, who says that it “doesn’t matter.” 

The manager responds: “Whether you want to sell it or not, that’s your job.”

Kelly then goes on to say that employees need to solicit $20 worth of donations from customers for the charities that the store supports (@kpants84 had reportedly only netted $2 that day).

“What happens if I don’t have $20?” @kpants84 asks Kelly after the latter says she “has” to earn that amount before the end of the day. 

“Repercussions,” Kelly says.

As the TikToker records Kelly speaking, text on the video reads: “Walgreens wants your money. This is why I got fired. Not having people donate money to charities we’re supporting. She claimed I didn’t try hard enough to “sell the credit card” or even ask and I did ask everyone. But they’re putting pressure on her to have people donate and sign up and this is what happens.”

Indeed, many commenters wrote that they would no longer shop at the store given the demands it allegedly puts on its employees.

The top comment on @kpants84’s video, with over 230 likes, reads: “I will never get a store credit card or donate through a store. To Walgreens: I won’t be shopping there ANYMORE.”

“Well Walgreens is gonna lose some business from this. Including mine,” wrote a second user. 

A handful of other supposed employees said Walgreens put similar pressure on them. 

“I’m a shift lead for Walgreens and this ain’t no lie! My boss is riding us for the same reason,” reads a third user’s comment. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @kpants84 via TikTok comment and Walgreens via email.

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*First Published: Nov 14, 2022, 9:27 am CST