Most marriage proposals happen on solid ground and stable footing. This guy literally did it on water.

When embarking on a marriage proposal, most guys I know like to stand—or kneel!—on the most solid and stable footing they can find. It’s a figurative concept, of course, but consider the majority: Marriage proposals happen on grass; they happen on concrete; they happen in homes; they happen in places where you can, you know, focus your attention on other, more important things.

That’s what makes Matthew Gencarella’s proposal to longtime girlfriend Brynn Hathaway so amazing: The guy literally did it on water. 

The two were tandem wakeboarding this summer when Gencarella popped the big question, going down on one knee (to some degree) and asking Hathaway if she’d marry him.

Once she said yes, he grabbed her and the two jumped into the lake together. The whole episode was captured by Gencarella’s buddy Hayden Wake, who filmed the proposal and sent it back over to Gencarella to put together. 

Photo via Matthew Gencarella/YouTube

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