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Controversial YouTube prankster transforms a homeless man’s life

YouTube prankster/pick-up artist Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is known for more unsavory things, like chasing people with a chainsaw.


Michelle Jaworski


YouTube prankster/pick-up artist Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is better known for dressing up as a face-eating zombie and terrifying Miami, wielding a chainsaw and chasing random people, getting arrested for a bomb hoax, and calling women gold-diggers. Recently, though, he made a homeless man’s day by giving him a makeover.

Back in July, Zdorovetskiy encountered Martin, a homeless man, and gave him a makeover. Martin got some new clothes and a haircut, and Zdorovetskiy put him up in a hotel for two days.

Nearly 6 million views later, Zdorovetskiy has an update on Martin. Just two weeks after the video aired, the YouTuber went back to Martin and told him that his dream of getting his teeth fixed was a reality.

Martin was floored.

After seeing his new teeth a few weeks after dental surgery, Martin smiles. “I just want to let all the viewers know to please be strong and know that there’s hope out there for every weak situation everywhere,” he says.

Photo via VitalyzdTv/YouTube

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