Uber passengers in car with caption 'Our Uber won't drive till we hear the 'car rules' (l) Uber driver with presentation on screen in car with caption 'Our Uber won't drive till we hear the 'car rules' with Uber logo at the top (c) Uber passengers in car with caption 'Our Uber won't drive till we hear the 'car rules' (r)

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‘Bro thinks this is American Airlines’: Uber driver gives a safety presentation to passengers before starting ride

'U better have given 5 stars.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Jul 20, 2023

A pair of Uber passengers had the ride of their life recently. But before takeoff—er, driving—they had to listen to a safety presentation from their Uber driver.

In a viral video that has amassed over 7.2 million views, TikToker Adi Azran (@heyitsadiazran) showed a man and a woman looking nervous in the backseat of an Uber car. The reason was disclosed on the text overlay: “Our Uber won’t drive till we hear the ‘car rules.’”


bro thinks this is American Airlines

♬ original sound – adi azran

The video was captioned, “Bro thinks this is American Airlines” in reference to the safety presentations given on airplane flights. But this wasn’t a generic presentation; the Uber Driver livened things up by singing his “safety rules” to the tune of “God’s Plan” by Drake.

It showed him standing next to a graffiti wall as he sang, “Welcome to my Uber, please buckle for me” and, “No smoothing in the back, but you can cuddle with me,” followed by a high-pitched “Kidding. Extra charge!”

While the Uber driver sang along with his own song, the passengers in the back danced along to the catchy music.

Some of the “safety rules” were surprising, though, like how customers are allowed to smoke inside the car “like a chimney.” They aren’t, however, allowed to ask for the auxiliary cord because “he’s picky” about music. 

When the song got to the part about the complimentary water, the Uber driver tapped his hand above where the Fiji bottle sat. The presentation concluded with him asking for passengers to feed him if they stop somewhere for food.

“Now do you guys have any questions?” he asked afterward.

The people in the car didn’t say anything, but viewers had tons of questions and comments about what they had just seen.

“Did he say you can smoke like a chimney in there?” this user asked. “The way he’s getting so hyped over his own mixtape every ride,” another observed.

“Honestly setting boundaries while having fun,” a third chimed in. 

A fourth brought up the possibility of the presentation becoming a full track. “Imagine it switches into the actual song as they drive off,” they wrote.

“The way he patted the seat to show the water,” another commented with crying emojis.

Those who loved the creativity believe that the Uber driver deserves 5 stars—and a huge tip.

“I wouldn’t even need him to take me anywhere I’d pay him just to watch that,” this person commented.

 “U better have given 5 stars,” another added. “Bro gets 6 stars and 100 tip,” commented a generous third.

The video also reminded some of the airplane safety demos. Many have gone viral on TikTok, including this Jet Blue flight attendant who showed off an interpretive dance and another worker with passengers laughing over his animated facial expressions.

The Daily Dot reached out to @heyitsadiazran via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Jul 20, 2023, 5:47 pm CDT