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A trendy tag for the easily annoyed

Trend of the day set by tweeter with more than 111,000 followers


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When Lil Dooky tweets, people apparently listen. A lot of people.

“Lil Dooky,” whose Twitter handle is @ToofunnyandReal, boasts 111,359 followers.  And he’s quite the trendsetter. Last night, for instance, it looks like he was the first to tweet out a Twitter post with the hashtag #1waytopissmeoff.

More to the point, he tweeted: “#1waytopissmeoff reply with ‘lol’ or ‘k’

That singular post got retweeted more than 100 times.

He tweeted a few more times with the same hashtag—Twitter’s convention for indicating a topic of discussion—and a Twitter trend was born.

By Monday morning, #1waytopissmeoff had become a top trend on Twitter and Twitter was alive with thousands of people sharing their peevishness.

If you want to keep on @AjayyYouSavii’s good side, don’t call “from a blocked number and then say call me back.”

@RayLipowski said that people piss him off by “ignoring me, calling me a liar, lying to me, mistaking my kindness for weakness, flaking on me, not returning my text.”

@Becccalisious said the best way to piss her off is to “ignore me.”

The tweets continued in that vein.

Some took off on the meme to promote pet projects and causes.

@michellevegan chimed in with an anti-McDonald’s message: “#1waytopissmeoff is to scald chickens alive & slit their throats while still conscious. You could stop this, @McDonalds!”

This wasn’t the first trend @ToofunnyandReal has set, according to TwitSetters, a site that tracks Twitter trends. He’s also launched several other trends.

So just who is Lil Dooky? We’ve reached out to @ToofunnyandReal and hope to hear back soon.


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