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#HandforTorri Twitter campaign helps an Ohio teen get a bionic arm

Twitter helped Torri realize her dream of hugging her dad. 


Greg Seals


The humanitarian hotties of The Burried Life have been off the airwaves at MTV for a few years, but thankfully for Torri Biddle, they haven’t stopped effecting heartwarming change in this world. 

The persevering spirit of the Ohio teen, who was born with a partially formed lower right arm, inspired her peers to consider what they could do to help their friend achieve her lifelong dream of hugging her dad. Twitter and GiveForward campaigns began in the fall of 2013—with the hashtag #HandforTorri — in hopes of raising enough funds and garnering attention so that she might overcome the financial barriers that come with a custom bionic arm. 

After hearing news of Torri’s story, the boys of The Buried Life surprised the 18-year-old at an Invisible Children’s summit. Thanks to the generosity of the Hanger Clinic, two weeks later Biddle was able to wrap both her hands around her admiring father, as both basked in the glow of a dream come to fruition. spoke with Ben Nemtin of The Burried Life who shared that since the video, “she’s working at an ice cream shop, which is awesome, because she couldn’t do that before.”

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