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This adorable dog has 3D-printed legs

TurboRoo wheeled his way into our hearts.


Rae Votta


An adorable dog just got a new set of wheels, thanks to 3D printing and the kindness of strangers.

TurboRoo was born without his front legs. As a baby, he used a contraption that looks like a child’s toy modified to attach to his body, but as he grew his owners knew he’d need a more permanent solution. They began raising funds online to fit Roo into a wheelchair, but thanks to 3D printing, they can save the money.

Mark Deadrick, president of 3D design company 3dyn, saw Roo’s story online and designed and printed a wheelchair from online photos. He added rolllerblade wheels and sent the contraption off to Roo’s family. Voila, adorable puppy on an adorable 3D-printed wheelchair. Now they can modify chairs for him at a minimal cost as he grows, and other designers can add modifications to make Roo’s quality of life even better.

3D printing has been used across the sectrum of wants and needs, from 3D-printed pancakes to the perfect pair of headphones, but puppy wheelchairs are the cutest implimentation of the technology.

H/T TechCrunch | Image via 3D Print

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