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Sam Christopher Cornwell recorded one second of his son’s life every day, time-lapsing the moments into a video.

Yesterday was Indigo Cornwell’s first birthday—and everyone got to see how much he’s grown. His dad, Sam Christopher Cornwell, had recorded one second of little Indy’s life every day, time-lapsing the moments into a video.

The video is so sugary-sweet it’s hard to look away. By the end of the year, Indigo is taking his first steps, looking more and more like a real, albeit tiny, person. It’s clear from the video that Sam and his wife have been giving their new baby a good life so far. There are tears, but there’s also snow and playing and laughter and swimming pools. This type of video may become the new way parents chronicle their child’s growth and development and pass down a collage of memories. 

The baby book and photo album are out! Get ready for a generation of kids showing college girlfriends their time-lapse Vimeos when they go home for winter vacation.

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