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Smooth dude gets girl’s number with a ‘choose your own adventure’ RPG on Tinder

Nothing like a little role-play to start off a romance.

Mar 19, 2019, 12:20 pm


Alex Dalbey 

Alex Dalbey

A redditor put all previous Tinder flirting to shame on Monday when he shared the text RPG he sent to a woman he matched with.

After matching with Sabrina, redditor Varying_Degrees sent his opening message in the format of a “choose your own adventure” game. The options listed to move the adventure forward were: “A. Ghost him, proving his fear of the paranormal to be well founded. B. Set up a date but never follow through and just kind of talk for 2 months. C. Have a deep and meaningful conversation. D. Do tinder things. E. Explore the cave for clues.”

Sabrina was honest and said things normally end up going like B, but also said, “I’m feeling GOOD and LUCKY today so E.”

After several choices leading Sabrina further into the cave, she falls in a pool of water and chooses to explore even further, coming to the surface of the water in a cavern with stalactites, a journal, and “a single sliver of moonlight.”


While at first, she tried to investigate the journal, it was too dark, and like any good adventurer, she got distracted. After lighting a torch with the magically hot moonbeam, Varying_Degrees gave the choices “A. Take the journal back out and try to read it again. B. Look around the cavern to see if you missed anything. C. Stick your hand in the moon beam [sic] to see if it’s hot.”

Sabrina, a champion of curiosity and science, stuck her hand in the moonbeam. “You stick your hand in the moon beam… surprise it’s hot,” wrote back Varying_Degrees. He gives her the same options again, and Sabrina responds, “HAHAH,” and “can I do C then A.” After she thoroughly burnt her hand in the moonbeam, Varying_Degrees says there is a code written in the journal, either “A. Sabrina’s number” or “B. 1234567890.”

“IM INTRIGUED NOW A!!!!” she messaged back and gave him her number.

Presenting the screencaps to Reddit, Varying_Degrees said, “TLDR: Started an 80’s RPG game on tinder, she burns her hand on a beam of moonlight twice and then I got her number.” Needless to say, redditors were impressed. 

reddit response rpg

It’s not clear where things will go from here, but at the very least he left an impression—and probably made a few users step up their Tinder game.


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*First Published: Mar 19, 2019, 12:20 pm