Teen accused of being a neo-Nazi charged with murdering girlfriend’s parents

They reportedly urged her to break up with him.

Dec 24, 2017, 11:41 am


Chris Tognotti 

Chris Tognotti

NBC4 Washington

A teenage boy has been charged with murdering his girlfriend’s parents after they accused him of being a neo-Nazi, according to the Washington Post. While the identities of the two teens are not publicly known, the girl’s mother and father―Buckley Kuhn-Fricker and Scott Fricker, respectively―were found slain in their home in Reston, Virginia earlier this week.

Kuhn-Fricker reportedly urged her daughter to break up with her boyfriend, the 17-year-old boy now suspected of committing the murders, after finding what she believed to be his social media history. The messages, which Kuhn-Fricker reportedly believed her daughter’s boyfriend had written on Twitter under a pseudonym, included explicitly racist and neo-Nazi sentiments, calling for a “white revolution” and expressing a reverential attitude toward Hitler.

Kuhn-Fricker ultimately notified the principal of the school the boy and her daughter attended to alert them to his worrisome social media history, writing that the 17-year-old was “spreading hate.”

“I would feel a little bad reporting him if his online access was to basically be a normal teen,” she wrote in an email obtained by the Post, “but he is a monster, and I have no pity for people like that.”

Kuhn-Fricker and her husband were killed early Friday morning. Janet Kuhn, Kuhn-Fricker’s mother, reportedly relayed information from detectives that the fatal shooting occurred after the boyfriend sneaked into the daughter’s bedroom in the early morning hours and then was ordered to leave the house by Kuhn-Fricker.

The Post‘s reporting notes that the paper couldn’t independently confirm if the social media accounts Kuhn-Fricker identified belonged to the teenage boy. Now, however, he has been charged with the two murders. The boy is reportedly in critical condition at an area hospital, having shot himself. Nobody from the boy’s family, according to the report, has responded to requests for comment. Thus far, Fairfax County police have not given any information regarding possible motives for the killings.

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*First Published: Dec 24, 2017, 11:41 am