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Kids are posting online tutorials on how to get their teachers fired

Teach for America probably didn’t prepare you for this. 


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If you weren’t convinced by that Frozen splinter removal video from earlier today that children are demons sent from hell to emasculate and enslave adults to their every pernicious whim… well, this’ll probably do the trick.

My Fox Houston reports that kids are posting video tutorials on YouTube instructing their peers on how to get their teachers fired. Some of these tutorials discuss children lobbying false allegations against teachers, such as abuse or molestation charges. Hey, smarmy, starry-eyed Teach for America alumni! Welcome to the American public school system. It ain’t nothing like what Edward James Olmos told you.

The videos, which usually have titles like “How I got my 5th grade teacher fired,” are relatively easy to find on YouTube. The granddaddy of the “genre,” as it were, appears to be 23-year-old Corey Drake, a vlogger who’s posted a series of videos titled “How to get your teacher fired.” Here’s what he says in one of the videos:

So I had this teacher right Ms. Keller and I just didn’t like her you know so you know what I said let me just get her fired…So I went to the principal and instead of saying I was molested you need to play the victim.

Many of the videos on Drake’s channel are clearly intended to be humorous, so it’s difficult to say how much of this is meant in jest, or if these YouTube videos are actually intended to teach kids how to get their teachers fired at all (for instance, I remember back in third grade, my friends and I loved this song about throwing a grenade at our teacher, but that didn’t mean we actually had violent thoughts about her, or even knew what a grenade was).

But when reached for comment by My Fox Houston, Gayle Fallon, the president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, says that people would be surprised at how often children falsely accuse teachers of improper behavior, for no reason other than spite.

“I don’t think that at the age these children are, that they realize they can ruin a person’s home life, [and] they can ruin their career,” she told My Fox Houston. Nah, Gayle: They probably realize both of those things. They just don’t care.

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