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‘I always go there expecting them to finally get their sh*t together and they never do’: TikTokers call out Target for turning into a ‘department store’

‘It’s no longer a casual shopping experience.’


Lauren Castro


According to influencers on TikTok, the beloved Target stores are becoming an unpopular option. 

In a viral video surmounting 2.9 million views, TikToker Gwyn Atlas-Kosman (@gulliblebarrel) complained about the recent decline in the company’s products and store layout through a stitched video. 

“I’m so glad to hear someone else talking about this,” they say in the clip. “Target used to be my fucking safe space.”

“I’m literally tempted to go across the street and show you it. They’re doing these ridiculous remodels that literally make it feel like I’m in like a Dillard’s or JCPenney,” they continue.

Apart from the fact that the stores are in “complete disarray” and are no longer selling DVDs, Atlas-Kosman said that “they’re turning it into a department store.”

“It’s no longer like a casual shopping experience where you walk down each aisle to look at what they have,” they say. “Everything is now getting like their own specific illuminated stand.” 

In the comments section, users shared similar opinions. 

“Target made me a Walmart shopper. Better quality, better selection, lower prices, nicer staff. Not endless endcaps mazes,” one user commented.

“It started with the prairie women clothing,” another said. 

“I miss when Target smelled like popcorn,” a third user commented.

In the original video posted by Ryan Filipski (@ryanfilipski), the creator provides specific examples of the decline of the beloved store. 

@gulliblebarrel #stitch with @Ryan Filipski ♬ original sound – GullibleBarrel

“Is it just me or is Target done?” he asks in the clip. “Target used to have a stranglehold on home decor and good design and like affordable prices and now it’s just like the same shit.”

Filipski explained that their inventory is turning stale and that it’s almost as if Target is tricking customers with their pricing. 

“I always go there expecting them to finally get their shit together and they never do,” he says. 

In the comments section, users agreed with Filipski’s hot take. 

“They haven’t gotten the memo that farmhouse isn’t it anymore,” one user said. 

“They stopped working with a trend forecaster years ago. True story. They went with collaboration with Magnolia and Studio Magee who’s styles are niche,” another user commented. 

“It’s so expensive for NO reason,” a third user said. 

According to Target’s site, they indeed have been remodeling their stores, with a press release dated June 28, 2022, stating that the megachain store has completed its 1,000th store remodel.

“In fact, this year’s remodel program will be our most ambitious yet, with nearly 200 full-store remodels planned through 2022,” the article reads.

The Daily Dot reached out to Filipski via Instagram messaging, Target via email, and Atlas-Kosman via Twitter message for this story.

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