target employee shares why she denies long returns tiktok

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‘Someone at Ulta tried to return an almost empty bottle of perfume’: Target worker blasts customers who abuse return policy

'When I deny a return with a 2 month expired receipt with all the products fully used.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Oct 31, 2022

An apparent Target worker on TikTok called out customers who attempt to make returns well outside of the Target return policy, garnering more than 286,000 times on the platform, where other workers are chiming in with their strange experiences of customers attempting to return store merchandise.

The video features poster @genesis_gaytan7 looking at her nails. It’s paired with audio that includes a woman shouting, indicating the returner is unhappy with the response the worker gave them.

“When I deny a return with a two month expired receipt with all the products fully used,” the text overlay on the video reads.

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Target’s return policy allows for the return of several items with restrictions on certain types of merchandise within 90 days of purchase. Some viewers left comments on the video implying they worked for Target and witnessed customers attempt to stretch this return policy far beyond its bounds.

“I had a lady trying to do a return from 2020…like lady are you deadass right now,” one commenter wrote.

“People returning things that we don’t even sell but have a random universal thread (tag) attatched to it like…and (team leaders) will come over and do it anyways,” another said.

“I had someone who tried to return salsa that expired in 2019, she didn’t even have a receipt,” a third shared.

This is not something that’s limited to Target, either; multiple commenters shared similar experiences from a variety of retailers.

“Me at Home Depot when someone tried return an empty spray can saying it doesn’t work,” one commenter wrote.

“Someone at Ulta tried to return an almost empty bottle of perfume from 2019…like girl,” another commenter wrote.

“As a Marshall’s employee this lady returned salt felt so embarrassed for her,” a commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @genesis_gaytan7 via Instagram direct message and to Target via email.

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*First Published: Oct 31, 2022, 1:31 pm CDT