Taco Bell employee with caption 'Fast food workers are bums but get paid more then teachers and nurses' (l) Taco Bell sign on building (c) Taco Bell employee with caption 'Fast food workers are bums but get paid more then teachers and nurses' (r)

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‘What nurses you talking about?’: Taco Bell worker claims to make more money than teachers, nurses

‘Since when they start making $42 an hour at Taco Bell?’


Brooke Sjoberg


A Taco Bell employee’s video pointing out that she makes “more than teachers or nurses” working at the fast food chain has drawn over 378,000 views on TikTok as of Friday, with viewers criticizing her take.

“Fast food workers are bums but get paid more than teachers or nurses,” a text overlay on the video reads.

The Daily Dot reached out to poster @isssjuicy_ via comment on the video as other methods of communication were not available, as well as to Taco Bell directly via email regarding the video.

@isssjuicy_ Bye w ya no weekly pays ,👋 #fypシ #fyp #fastfoodlife #managers #fypシ ♬ original sound – TheScarletWitchSecretaryᗢ

The video has garnered over 1,200 comments, with many of them critical of the math behind the claim.

“My auntie making 70$ an hour, no one who works at McDonald’s is making more than a nurse, especially travel nurses,” one commenter wrote.

“Maybe a teacher but a nurse….I know nurses making 71$ an hour,” another user wrote.

“As someone who went from Taco Bell to a nursing assistant this is false,” a viewer claimed. “bae we making bank since the pandemic.”

Others claiming to have teaching experience or family members who teach said this likely wasn’t too far from the truth, as educators are historically underpaid.

“Paid than teacher for sure i used to be a pre-k teacher in was only getting paid 14,” one commenter wrote. “Then at a fast food place i worked i got 22.”

“Teachers?” another user asked. “Yes that’s the whole reason I didn’t go to college yet… realizing I make more at the bell but not nurses,maybe [certified nursing assistants].”

“I can agree on the teacher part if gone to school to be a sub and they make dead ass only $17 a hour and ur making the same at fast food,” a commenter wrote.

The creator replied to a comment accusing her of lying, writing: “When your boss desperate cause no one wants to work and needs to keep a company running and pays u double + bonuses.”

In a follow-up video replying to one of the comments, the TikToker said how “no one knows how to take a joke anymore,” making it unclear whether they were truthful in their original viral post.

According to a Forbes article, Taco Bell announced in 2021 that it would increase the average minimum wage to “$15 an hour across company-owned restaurants by mid-year 2024 and are rolling out a new leadership program, called The Entrepreneur, aimed at developing general managers with an earning potential of up to $100,000.”

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