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This T-shirt can fix your bad posture, especially if you’re a gorgeous French model

No T-shirt—or any other gadget—in the world is going to make you look like this.


Brendan O'Connor


Gorgeous French people with flawless figures and excellent posture have invented a T-shirt that will change your life—or at least the way your carry yourself.

Using elastic (and fairy dust and pastries), the Up T-Shirt gives you a strong core and shoulders for the low price of 127 euros. Even better, you don’t have to actually go to the gym or exercise or make a serious effort toward taking care of your body.

“It wants to please and to love the people who would wear it,” says Neda Naef, cofounder of UpCouture, whose company description reads, “Elegance and Sex-Appeal come from within.”

Imagine that. Mind-shatteringly beautiful models who look like they already have Olympian posture look good wearing this T-shirt! Huh. Weird. I wonder if they work out.

Honestly, no T-shirt—or any other gadget—in the world is going to make you look like this. Especially if you, like us, spend way too much time on your computer, typing away while your body gradually folds into itself, slouching closer to death.

Incidentally, here is an excellent set of mobility exercises that you can do (anywhere! for free!) to help with this.

It’s no terrible thing to embrace technology that helps us to be more mindful of our bodies, and the Up T-Shirt is not a bad idea—it’s just not sufficient to actually ameliorate the patterns of physical behavior that we have taught ourselves over years and years.

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