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‘Subtle Asian Dating’ is the un-Tinder we all need right now

Matchmaking in the new old-fashioned way.

Feb 25, 2019, 10:38 am*



Matt Silverman

If data-driven matchmaking platforms like Tinder have you down, consider an “old school” online dating method where your friends auction you off in a Facebook group with 300,000 singles who are ready to meme… I mean, mingle.

That’s how it goes down in “Subtle Asian Dating,” a thriving Facebook community where Asian Americans can comfortably dish about their cultural identity and perhaps even meet “the one” with enough likes and comments.

It grew out of a predecessor Facebook group called “Subtle Asian Traits,” where members of the Asian American community would not so subtly thrust their friends onto the dating meat market in a defiantly anti-Tinder way.

This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast, Alli and Jen (actors who perform weird internet stuff on stage) talk with Hella Chen, who created this romance ecosystem and has plenty of meme-worthy stories that have sprung from it to share.

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*First Published: Feb 18, 2019, 5:00 am