twisty cat

Screengrab via aktfps / Twitter

Milk-chan embodies the pitfalls of the frantic pace of modern civilization.

This Japanese cat found out the hard way that multitasking is hard, and because of that, has become the newest member of the meme community.

According to Rocket News, 7-year-old kitty Milk-chan was apparently trying to scratch his post and jump on the bed at the same time, which is just silly. The internet took it from there.

But what is Milk-chan trying to tell us? Maybe it’s that trying to do too many things at once makes it hard to do any of those things well. Maybe it’s that modern society moves at a lightning pace that winds up being too much for any of us to handle. Maybe it’s that, before taking on any new responsibilities, we should all take a moment to think about what we can handle, and learn that it’s OK to say “no” sometimes.

Or maybe Milk-chan is just a dumb cat that doesn’t know how to retract its claws. 

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