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‘Starbucks failed me HARD!’: Manager quits after 6 years to open her own coffee shop

‘Congrats I left a few months back for the same reason.’


Natasha Dubash


A Starbucks manager’s video is making the rounds on TikTok, in which she says she quit after six years of working at the coffee franchise. 

Brook Triolo (@brooktriolo) offered TikTok an insider’s look into her personal journey working at Starbucks before quitting the franchise.

@brooktriolo Trust in God, always know your worth more & don’t quit working hard to make your dreams come true! #starbuckssucks ♬ original sound – Brook Triolo

Using a slideshow of Instagram posts in the background, Triolo says that she started working at Starbucks in 2015. “Just landed every white girls dream job; you’re looking at Starbucks newest barista,” the Instagram caption reads.

The following year, she was promoted to a supervisor position. A year after that she was again promoted to assistant manager, before becoming a store manager in 2018.

Triolo claims that under her management, her store in El Cajon, CA was recognized for its “Best Customer Connection,” and in 2020 she was even nominated for “Manager of the Quarter.” The video then cuts to the ex-manager in her car saying that after six years at Starbucks, “your girl just quit and I cannot be any more freaking excited.” 

The TikToker says that while Starbucks claims to “live their mission and values,” of treating their customers and employees with respect, her last year working for the company was a “living nightmare.”

“I know God has a different plan for me and I know that it is a lot bigger than working for a company that goes against their mission and values and treats people like poop,” the ex-manager told viewers about quitting. While the TikToker didn’t provide any specific examples of being mistreated at work, she did let her followers know that since quitting she had decided to start her own coffee shop called Elevated Coffee & Confections in Lemon Grove, CA, officially to open on Nov. 1.

The video has received over 61,000 views since it was posted and viewers in the comments were quick to cheer Triolo on her new venture.

“GIRL this was on my [fyp] for a reason!! This is 10 min away from me!! Coming to support you when it opens up! Praying for success,” read one comment.

“Yasss good for you girl! I love this!!” said another.

But with Slate reporting on allegations of union busting and the Daily Dot’s own coverage of employees being mistreated, it wasn’t a surprise that a number of comments were from viewers who had also quit after years of working at Starbucks.

One person said, “Starbucks failed me HARD! You go girlie!!” Triolo replied to the comment, “As sad as that makes me, I’m glad that so many can now speak up & show the world how a company that big with endless resources truly treats people.”

“I work at Starbucks and I agree I’ve only been there for about 4 1/2 months,” claimed another person. Triolo responded, “Wow it took me years to see [their] true colors. I’m so sorry you’re already dealing with nonsense. Just know you deserve better & Gods got a plan for u.” 

Another also told the ex-manager that they had also recently quit Starbucks. “Congrats I left a few months back for the same reason,” they commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to both Triolo and Starbucks via email.

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