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‘They couldn’t pay me enough to do this’: Starbucks barista slams customers who ask for a blended caramel macchiato

'The things that people order are ridiculous.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Feb 10, 2023

A TikToker’s heavy criticism of a customer’s Starbucks beverage order has drawn over 57,000 views on the platform, where other baristas are chiming in with their own pet peeves about ordering.

Posted by @laney_duh, the video shows the barista in their car addressing the camera with their latest experience of customers not understanding what they are ordering.

The beverage order appears to have originated on TikTok, according to some of the video’s viewers.

@laney_duh I saw a video now I’m fed up 😂 #thesiren #caramelmacchiato #sbuxbaristas ♬ original sound – DUHlaney

“I don’t care who you are, it could be Beyoncé, it could be Rihanna, it could be anyone, OK, if you come into Starbucks and you order a caramel macchiato blended, you’re getting a fucking caramel frappe,” they say in the video. “No, I don’t even want to hear it. Like, I saw the dumbest shit the other day, it was a vanilla bean blended up, and then the affogato shots on top. No. You’re not getting that. That is not a caramel macchiato blended.”

They continue, “We don’t blend caramel macchiatos. You’re getting a caramel frappe, end of story. But also, to add on to that, if you’re going to make a big deal about the caramel Frappuccino, I’m going to make a caramel macchiato, I’m going to make it just how it is, and I’m going to pour it in the fucking blender.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the barista via a comment on the video as other methods of communication were unavailable, as well as to Starbucks directly via email.

Viewers, implying they have some experience making coffee beverages for customers unfamiliar with correct terms, shared their own similar frustrations.

“I’m telling you ppl with no concept of coffee terms at all will just order anything and not know what they’re ordering,” one commenter wrote.

“I made a caramel macchiato& just blended it,” another commenter wrote. “Had no idea it was a TikTok trend or why they think we just know what new thing TikTok came up with.”

“literally it’s been so bad lately with people asking for a Carmel macchiato blended!” a commenter wrote. “I’ve worked here for 9 yrs & never had so many ppl ask for it.”

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2023, 9:50 am CST