women speaking in car with caption 'Story please! This is for the racist people who lack common sense' (l) woman speaking on plane with caption 'So this happened on my way to Cancun Mexico for my birthday' (c) woman speaking in car with caption 'Story please! This is for the racist people who lack common sense' (r)

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‘Have them physically remove me’: Spirit Airlines ‘Karen’ refuses to get off plane after boarding with wrong ticket

'You’d be surprised how many people we have to remove for rushing the gate agents to destination hop.'


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Posted on Jan 20, 2023   Updated on Jan 20, 2023, 2:56 pm CST

In a viral TikTok video with over 16.2 million views, a woman on a Spirit Airlines flight to Cancun, Mexico is asked to show her passport and plane ticket. She is soon escorted off the plane as she was never supposed to be on that flight.

User Vonyetta Blackson (@vonnieb11) recorded the pilot confronting the woman as she was sitting right next to her on the flight. 

“So this happened on my way to Cancun, Mexico for my birthday,” the text on the video reads. 

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At the beginning of the video, the pilot of the flight tries reasoning with the woman as the cops were now involved. 

“Then have them physically remove me,” the woman tells the pilot. 

The pilot then says that if she were to continue to refuse to cooperate, everyone onboard the flight would have to get off the plane. Passengers nearby grumbled as they listened.  

“Please ma’am, c’mon,” Blackson says. 

The woman tells the pilot that she showed her passport and boarding pass. However, the pilot replies that she never showed her passport. 

“I’m not scared by your threats,” the woman says to the pilot. “Who else do you want me to show my boarding pass [to]?”

Eventually, the woman was escorted off the flight with all of her belongings. 

Users in the comments section were confused by the altercation.

“If they want that passport 50 times, show it 50 times!” one user said. 

“Who argues with a pilot???? Who upsets their own pilot???” another commented.

“Why is she hesitating? Just show it again and stop arguing. Honestly, they have rules, he’s a pilot, he’s doing his job. If there’s a mix up, just do it,” a third user suggested.

In a second video, Blackson and her friend give more context to the interaction between the flight management and the woman. The video has over a million views. 

“This is for the racist people who lack common sense,” the text on the video reads.

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Blackson’s friend explains that the lady had a ticket that wasn’t to Cancun and supposedly ran onto the flight after quickly scanning her pass at the gate. She says the woman refused facial recognition and never showed her passport. 

“Instead of tussling with her at the door, because they’re not supposed to do that, they went and got the fucking cops,” the woman said. “They tried to give her chances.”

Before the pilot came out, she says another woman tried to reason with the supposed ‘Karen.’

Blackson’s friend continues to explain that the woman was texting her lawyer throughout the duration she was on the flight claiming that she was being harassed. The TikToker is convinced the woman has done this before to get lawsuits. 

“She hopped on the plane and immediately started texting her lawyer which means at the gate you must’ve already knew you were on some bullshit,” she says.

After discussions between the pilot, cops, and the woman, the TikToker says she eventually gave up as she saw the law was involved. The plane then continued with the flight.

“Clearly, she didn’t have the proper credentials because she would have sat the fuck back down in her seat so for all the dumbasses in the comments that act like they don’t have common sense… Use your fucking brain you fucking dickheads,” Blackson’s friend concludes the video.  

The Daily Dot reached out to Blackson via TikTok comment and Spirit Airlines via email.

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*First Published: Jan 20, 2023, 2:55 pm CST