This slow-motion wedding video will renew your faith in love

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This is what the perfect wedding reception looks like in 160 frames per second. 

Turns out Robin Thicke didn’t need a parade of naked women to land the hottest music video of the summer. He just needed a slow-motion video booth at the right wedding.

Newlyweds Ellie Koning and Quang Dinh hired the production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo to capture the afterparty at their Aug. 11 I do’s at Sodo Park in Seattle, Wash.

The resulting 4:27 montage, shot at 160 frames per second and set to Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” plays out like an alternate scene of Wedding Crashers. It’s got all of the perquisite party favors: confetti, a horse mask, Silly String, and a gorgeous, happily married couple.

This video will leave you seriously reevaluating your potential bridal party.


It’s not too late to send them a wedding gift, either.

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