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Siberian police are totally cool with this 18-year-old’s virginity auction

We’d like to send an extra-special “Congratulations on finding a sexual loophole!” to Shatuniha.


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The Daily Dot would like to send an extra-special “Congratulations on finding a sexual loophole” to Shatuniha from Krasnoyark, Siberia, who just last week learned that police were A-OK with the 18-year-old selling her virginity on a Russian online auction site.

The auction—held because Shatuniha (not pictured above) deemed herself to be “in urgent [enough] need of money” that she’d sell “the most precious thing I possess”—went for $27,950 ($3,000 above the original asking price) to a fellow Siberian named Evgeniy Volnov. The mysterious man planned to meet Shatuniha at a hotel in their town, where she would present him with “a document confirming my virginity.” 

Should he be down with the contents within the doc, he’d sexually eradicate what’s written right there on the spot. 

The whole situation caused quite the stir throughout Krasnoyark, and called into question the consideration of “Is this prostitution? It is literally a selling of sex for money.” 

Apparently in Siberia, it’s not an issue if you handle the transaction like Shatuniha did.

Police told the Siberian Times last week that the 18-year-old’s operation was “neither an administrative nor a criminal violation,” a spokesperson said. “Nor does it fit into a description of the ‘Prostitution’ clause from the Code of the Administrative Violations.”

The police added that they “had no right to give a moral assessment of a girl’s actions.”

No telling what Shatuniha plans to do with all the money. 

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