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‘They’re like literally clapping for me’: Server says customers tipped him $200 after he lied to them

‘I can’t lie again for 2 more months.’


Jack Alban


Dean Redmond’s (@deanredmonds) TikTok account is filled with horror stories about working in the food service industry. Many of his videos center around the unpleasant interactions he has with customers who are either insulting, far too demanding, demeaning, or plain inconsiderate.

He recently went viral again relaying a story about how he lied to a customer, yet again, to receive a massive tip. Dean, in his trademark fast-talking manner of speaking, says in the clip, “I hadn’t lied to the customers in months because I felt so much guilt but today it just had to happen.”

He says that a 17-person table went into the restaurant he works and placed their orders. However, four of the orders that they put in were duplicates. When keying in the orders, however, he forgot to inform the kitchen staff that they were supposed to double up on these particular meals.

Dean says he panicked, stating that the table’s food was about to come out but four of the customers were going to have to wait for their food because he made the mistake of not informing the kitchen that they needed to make four more orders.

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So he used a trick he had used previously—lie to the customers and tell them he received a call from the police informing him that his mother had been killed in a car accident.

He says he apologized to the group for not having their complete order as he received the call right when he was keying everything in. He claims the table reassured him that it was all right and that he was being ridiculous for even considering their food orders when he just went through such a traumatic experience.

Dean continues that he completed their order and when he brought the food out to them they were “literally” applauding him for keeping it together at work. Dean then shows a photo of the note they left him on a napkin that reads, “Your mother is beyond proud!!! hope your day gets better,” with a drawn heart at the end of it. He then adds that the table tipped him $200 and Dean swears at the end of the video that he cannot lie for at least two more months.

In the caption, he adds that he hopes whoever was seated at the table doesn’t see his TikTok and find out they’ve been hoodwinked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dean via Instagram direct message for further comment.

One TikToker who saw his video exclaimed that they didn’t believe he lied again, however, Dean insisted the story was true, replying, “I DID AND THE ONLY REASON I FEEL REDEEMED IS I GAVE IT TO ALL MY COWORKERS TOO AND I HOPE MY MOMMI WOULD LAUGH.”

Others said they couldn’t believe he would go to such lengths in order to avoid upsetting his customers.

“I would feel so guilty,” one wrote. Another remarked, “I would’ve just blamed it on the kitchen this is crazy.”

One TikToker thought that all of the tall tales he relays to customers at work and then discussing them openly on the internet will eventually catch up with him.

They wrote, “One of these days you’re going to get someone that you’ve told that to before and theyre gonna be like ‘do you have two moms?’”

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