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‘I gotta get out of the service industry’: Server reveals outfit she had to wear during outdoor brunch shift in 105-degree weather

'This video reminded me to quit my job.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jun 30, 2022   Updated on Jul 1, 2022, 7:46 am CDT

A server shared how she had to work a brunch shift in 105-degree heat wearing “long sleeves, long pants, tall socks.”

In the video, user Theresa (@theresa_abigail) recounts her brunch shift, which included a woman who claimed she accidentally drank a living fly with her wine, then spit it out all over the table. All of this occurred while Theresa was allegedly forced to wear a uniform that was not ideal given the aggressive heat.

“I gotta get out of the service industry,” she says at the beginning of the TikTok.

Her video currently has over 1 million views.

@theresa_abigail They should pay me more so I can afford to get my roots done. #restaurantlife #serverproblems #serviceindustry ♬ original sound – Theresa Rowley

While many enjoyed the humor of Theresa’s piece, the comments section quickly became a discussion platform for people in the service industry, or with service industry experience, to vent about their time in the industry.

In one part of the video, Theresa says a woman complained about flies while choosing to sit outside. This inspired commenters to riff on the theme of customers choosing to do something, then complaining about the consequences of their choice.

“When people request to sit outside and then complain about it being hot,” one user wrote.

“Even better when they sit outside and complain it’s too cold,” another added.

“One time a lady was sitting on a patio at a restaurant I worked at and the sun was in her eyes and she said ‘is the sun gunna go down?!?’” a user recalled. Theresa responded to this comment, saying that someone once asked her the same question.

“I was like, ‘yes, queen, it’s called night,’” Theresa recalled.

The conversation then quickly shifted to ridiculous customer requests.

“I once at work as a receptionist at an apartment complex had a man make me file a work complaint for a singular bee in the parking garage,” a commenter claimed.

“A lady told me she wanted a flavored margarita a few weeks ago. I asked her what kind of flavors she likes,” another remembered. “She said ‘Green.’”

“I had someone ask for another iced tea so I brought them a fresh iced tea he then proceeded to tell me he didn’t as for ice in his tea and got mad,” a further user wrote.

Above all, commenters reminded potential customers that servers are human beings and there are some things they cannot change.

As one user wrote, “they truly think servers are god and when they realize you’re a human they’re so mad at you.”

We’ve reached out to Theresa via TikTok comment.

Update 7:44am CT July 1: In a TikTok DM exchange with Daily Dot, Theresa said that, while there are some things management can do to improve the lives of servers, the job is simply difficult.

“I don’t necessarily feel as if it should fall on managers to make a server’s life better. It’s an incredibly difficult industry to work in, especially in light of the pandemic,” she wrote. “However, my years as a server have given me quite a few stories to chuckle about, as well as the financial freedom to pursue my acting and music career. You’ll just have to stay tuned to hear more funny anecdotes!”

As far as difficult customers are concerned, Theresa has picked up some tips over the years.

“That’s the real challenge,” she said of difficult customers. “I worked in restaurants in NYC for 6 years and have now been in the industry in Dallas for 2, so I’ve seen my fair share of characters. It’s impossible not to let it get you down every now and then, as you can tell from my TikTok. But I think the best way to handle it is with humor. I do my best to give the customer a pleasant experience, of course. I want people to have a great time when they’re with me. But if we’re not vibing, all I can say is ‘that’s showbiz, baby,’ and move on to the next party of 5 that needs fresh drinks.”

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2022, 2:14 pm CDT