Man wearing Green Shirt in vehicle has only glass and no frames on his eyes


‘Looks very normal and comfortable’: Man shares ‘secret’ for saving money on glasses

'The glasses industry does NOT want you to know.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Jun 19, 2023

When it comes to wearing glasses, there are some struggles that only those with poor vision will understand. Glasses can fog up every time you’re cooking or wearing a mask, you might get red marks on your nose, and you may be forced to spend loads of money on expensive frames.

But things may be looking up, thanks to one man’s idea. TikTok user Jason (@jason.reborn) says that you can save money by only buying the lenses and not the frames. 

In his viral video, Jason shows how this works by wearing only the glass lenses over his eyes. Without frames to keep everything in place, the lenses have no choice but to dig directly into his skin. The Daily Dot reached out to Jason via TikTok comment. 


the glasses industry does NOT want you to know this one secret 🤫

♬ original sound – Jason

“Save money by only buying the lenses and not the frames,” the text overlay read as the camera zooms in to give viewers a closer look.

He believes he’s onto something big: “The glasses industry does NOT want you to know this one secret,” he captioned the viral video.

The video has more than 10.7 million views by Monday.

Commentators were in favor of anything that will help them save some extra cash. 

“Genius!!” one wrote. “Looks very normal and comfortable!” another added, poking fun at the fact that it looks anything but.

“In his double monocle era,” shared a third. This is a type of corrective lens that usually enhances vision in only one eye.

The monocle look gave one viewer a brilliant idea: “Get some lil monocle chains for them,” they wrote.

Jason’s video of the no-frame look gave some viewers quite a fright. “THE FLAPS,” a user commented about the skin that bunches up. 

A second user compared the lens-only look to Coraline, a movie where the characters have terrifying buttons for eyes.

Some, however, didn’t even notice anything unusual when they started watching the video. “Why did i not notice at first,” shared a user whose comment received over 85,300 likes.

Others pointed out the flaws in his design, like how you risk shattering the lenses if they drop. “One sneeze away from disaster,” this user commented. Another shared that only those with a strong brow bone can pull this hack off.

“I don’t have the brow bone for this,” they wrote.

Finally, Jason received the only stamp of approval he ever needed: One commenter wrote, “As a licensed optician, I legit laughed out loud.” 

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*First Published: Jun 19, 2023, 4:47 pm CDT