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Teen slams stupid, sexist school dress code with a simple message

Just let her wear what she wants, OK?


Jam Kotenko


Posted on May 7, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 9:42 pm CDT

Summer is more than a month away, but thanks to the weather gods, we can already start breaking out our collection of graphic tank tops and hoarding adorable short dresses from Forever 21. With the way temperatures are rising on a daily basis, it’s only a matter of time before everybody is wearing as little as possible.

The easiest fashion choice to make? Shorts. They’re comfy, they’re cute, and they’re a staple in every person’s closet, especially teenage girls. But rather than risk having troves of underage girls sporting skimpy clothing that can rile up horny boys as well as vindictive girls, schools often opt for safety in the form of a stringent dress code.

Fed up with this state of affairs, a teenager at an unknown prep school decided to issue a feisty and eminently reasonable warning.

This photo has already garnered over 8,000 views since being uploaded to Reddit three days ago. All we know about the note’s author is that she’s 17 years old and is tired of always being blamed for other people’s reactions to her fashion choices. She just wants what every girl wants—the right to wear what makes her feel OK in her own skin without the risk of judgment, bullying, or worse.

This girl wants her school to back her up in her quest for comfort, instead of robbing her and her fellow teenagers of their freedom for the sake of evading scandal.

H/T Feministing | Photo via GabPRR/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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*First Published: May 7, 2015, 8:06 am CDT