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Photographer perfectly parodies San Francisco’s housing problem

What isn’t for rent in San Francisco? 


Audra Schroeder


San Francisco is in flux, and the stories coming out of the city reflect both the growing discontent and tone-deafness. The influence and wealth of the Silicon Valley tech community has changed the class system, and made rent and the cost of living skyrocket. There’s been a protest song raging against Google’s corporate transportation system, and talk of the coming class war. Meanwhile, a 500-square-foot studio apartment might cost you $2,400 a month, and that’s on the cheap side.

San Francisco photographer Scot Hampton decided to use his professional medium to parody this gentrification epidemic. He first posted a Craigslist “for rent” ad for a waterfront condo, priced at $5,000. “Enjoy the sounds and smells of the UN Plaza fountain as you relax in your condo after a hard day of complaining about the homeless,” it reads, which is might be a reference to AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman’s privileged rant against the homeless last December.



Hampton then went a step further. His new photo series, “SF: For Rent,” offers visual proof of the alternative properties San Francisco has to offer. He described the project as a “mordant exploration of SF’s current housing crisis, emphasizing how ludicrous the rental has market become.” 



Sure, this is very pointed satire of a city’s housing bubble pushing its less fortunate residents to the edge, but it makes you wonder: If the class war comes, who will actually be taking to the sewers?

H/T Uproxx Photo by cdsessums/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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