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‘It’s giving $3 Venmo request for the Uber’: Woman’s roommate calculates exact number of days she’ll be home to charge her for use of couch

'I wouldn’t be paying her anything unless I was buying the couch from her.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Feb 27, 2023

A woman’s video about a roommate who began splitting hairs when it came to the costs of living together has sparked polarizing discussion of splitting such costs among viewers.

Posted by user Jyn (@jynwaye), the video shows her walking in a subway station while sipping a beverage. A text overlay states that her roommate attempted to use a complex formula to calculate how much she should have to pay for their new couch, as the roommate planned to take it with them when they moved.

“Remembering the time my accountant roommate tried billing me for the couch she got for the apartment by dividing the total cost of its expected lifespan multiplied by the number of days I’m expected to be home,” the text overlay on the video reads.

@jynwaye and shared the spreadsheet with me in .xlsx file format #nyc #roommate #nycapartment ♬ Succession (Theme) [Piano Version] – Miraculous Studio Orchestra

In her caption, Jyn stated that the spreadsheet used to calculate this amount was shared with her in an .xlsx format. She clarified for commenters that her roommate was simply trying to avoid having her pay for half of a sofa she was not going to be taking with her if she ever moved out.

“In her defense she was trynna be nice and not make me pay for half since she’s taking the couch,” the poster wrote in her comment section. “Just a bizarre equation if you ask me.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jyn via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Some viewers agreed with her summation of the method, arguing that her roommate was trying to do something courteous.

“This is crazy but also if it means you pay less and she’s applying what she learned then slay,” one commenter wrote.

“Is it extra? yes,” another said. “Is it extra because she was doing her damnedest to make sure it was fair down to the cent? also yes.”

“Wait, but that’s so much more fair than 50/50,” a third claimed.

Others thought the method of billing her for use of the sofa in their shared apartment was odd, with one commenter saying they would never pay to sit on someone else’s couch.

“Lmao I’m not paying for something the other person is keeping,” one commenter wrote.

“I just bought an espresso machine and told my roommate to feel free to use it and take care of it,” another added. “Ya know, like a normal person.”

“Are ppl in the comments deluded??” a further user asked. “This isn’t ‘fair.’ it’s RIDICULOUS.”

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2023, 9:01 am CST