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‘You can go to the fucking Dollar Store and get a fucking pen for $1’: Restaurant worker rants about couple who ordered a ton of food, didn’t tip, and took his pen

‘He takes my f*cking pen and leaves a f*cking zero on there with a f*cking line through it.’


Jack Alban


A lot’s been said about the labor shortage in America, with many folks expressing their displeasure in trying to find a job they’d actually enjoy working, even though there are reportedly 1.9 jobs for every job seeker out there.

Many openings are in the food service and hospitality industries, and researchers believe that there will continue to be a dearth of employees in these sectors well into 2023. CNBC reported that, as of July 2022, these particular businesses were down a whopping 750,000 workers, and many attribute low pay and interactions with rude customers to be the main reason as to why companies are finding it so difficult to get folks to fill these positions.

And there’s no shortage of social media rants and viral clips that support these statistics. In a recent TikTok posted by @jakiepoobearr, a server rants about a couple who ordered a large meal, was shocked by the bill, and proceeded to not leave him a tip. To add insult to injury, the server alleges the customer took his pen.

@jakiepoobearr The return of the king, the wolf of wafflehouse #fyp ♬ original sound – Jakiepoobearr

The server storms into the seating area to reenact the scenario, fuming the entire time.

“Motherfucker comes in 9 f*cking 30. … They’re baked as fuck. I can smell it on their fucking clothes. Comes in, ‘Yeah, hi I’d like the fucking bagel beignets,’ and then she orders blueberry pancakes, 2 sunny side fucking eggs, potato wedges, and ketchup, and fucking salt, and he gets fucking french toast, and three fucking scrambled eggs, fucking cheese,” he recalls.

And guess what? Motherfucker was so goddamn broke that he gets the fucking check and goes, ‘Whoa this is too much for me.’ Oh I’m so fucking sorry you can’t pay 42 fucking dollars after eating everything you fucking ordered. I gave them two orange juices for fucking free, and guess what? He gets the fucking thing, and he takes my fucking pen and leaves a fucking zero on there with a fucking line through it. Don’t you fucking dare take my fucking pen and write $0 on my fucking tip,” he says.

The server accuses the couple of taking his pen. “You can go to the fucking Dollar Store and get a fucking pen for $1, for ten of them. That’s 10 cents a pen you cheap fuck,” he says.

The clip was viewed over 470,000 times. Tons of other TikTokers who said that they’ve worked service jobs in the past expressed that they’ve unfortunately been in similar scenarios. Others stated that they couldn’t understand why some folks decide to go out and eat if they can’t tip.

“Them stealing the the pen after writing a ‘0’ on the tip line is always the insult to injury that you hate to see,” one said.

Surveys indicate that 76% of restaurant patrons say they always tip their servers, while about 6% have said they’ve rarely or never left a gratuity for their waiter or waitress.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @jakiepoobearr via TikTok comment.

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