Renter says her electric bill is $11K


‘Are you powering an entire hotel?’: Renter says her electric bill came out to over $11K

‘Call the utility company!!


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A recent video on TikTok has caused a stir online as a user showcased her outrageously high electricity bill.

The video was posted on Feb. 2 by TikToker CJ (@calihollywood) and is a response to a different TikToker showing his low electricity bill.

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In the video, CJ records herself saying, “tell me your landlord’s a piece of shit without telling me your landlord’s a piece of shit” and then shows how her electricity bill totals a staggering amount of $11,259.94.

The comments section was flooded with reactions from TikTok users, with many expressing their shock and disbelief at the high amount of the bill and others requesting more context. 

Some users questioned whether this was even possible, with one commenting, “I’m so confused literally how and why and when could it be that much????,” to which the TikToker responded, “Hopefully we find out soon!” suggesting she was as perplexed by the amount as everyone else.

One commenter questioned why the TikToker blamed her landlord for the incident, saying, “How is it ur landlord fault tho.” Other commenters agreed and started shifting the blame from the landlord to the electric company, which finally prompted a response from CJ, who wrote, “I’ve spoken to an electrician and the electric company several times. it’s an issue in the building. stop dickriding landlords.”

While the user has not added another video with more context, she did clarify in a comment that she plans to get “to the bottom of it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @calihollywood via TikTok comment.

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