woman speaking on couch with caption 'listen I'm getting sick of you guys that work from home' (l) woman speaking on couch with caption 'shouting from the rooftops on TIKTOK' (c) woman speaking on couch with caption 'that you essentially spend half of your day doing nothing' (r)


‘This is why people have to work in the office’: Remote worker who works hard issues PSA to those who don’t

'Don't ruin it for the rest of us.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Jan 22, 2023

A remote worker’s video imploring other workers to cease sharing if they only work for a portion of their day has resonated with other work-from-home employees on TikTok, where the video has drawn over 43,000 views as of Sunday.

In her video, user @journeywithrosie says she is extremely busy with work during the day, and can’t relate to those who brag about having very little to do.

“Listen, I am getting sick of you guys that work from home shouting from the rooftops on TikTok that you essentially spend half your day doing nothing,” she says in the video. “Because first of all, I work from home and I am so busy that I feel like ripping out my eyeballs.”

She continues, “But most importantly, if that is the case, just be glad and be silent. Because your employer and every other employer, they’re going to see your posts and say this is why people have to work in the office. Just accept it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @journeywithrosie via a comment on the video as other methods of contact were not available.

@journeywithrosie 🤫 dont ruin it for the rest of us 😂 #workingathome #workingfromhome #remotework #remoteworklife #remoteworking #besilent ♬ original sound – Journey With Rosie

Some viewers echoed her sentiment in the comments, calling on fellow remote workers to stop sharing that they do not work for much of their day.

“Right like DONT RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF US. and im busy so like,” one commenter wrote.

“Preach it!!” another commenter wrote. “I managed 70 people remotely and it upsets me to see that too because I work harder from home than I ever did in the office.”

“Same four years WFH, and these fools ruining it for us,” a commenter wrote.

Many commenters shared that they felt they are more productive working from home, where they couldn’t be interrupted by co-workers.

“Seriously, WFH is great for getting hours of my day back from the commute, comfy AF attire and being more productive because no interruptions,” one viewer wrote.

“I am hybrid and actually get more done at home,” another user said. “When I go in I’m distracted by chatty co workers.”

“I agree. I work so much harder at home than I ever did in the office but I’m also more productive because of less distractions at home,” another wrote.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2023, 8:57 am CST