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Woman asks for help deciphering her mother’s last words—and the internet delivers

Grab a tissue, because the internet just did something beautiful.


Vanna Vasquez


Published Jun 13, 2017   Updated May 23, 2021, 3:16 am CDT

Imagine you had one last message from your dying mother in the form of a video, but you had no way of understanding what she was saying. That was the case for one redditor.

During her mother’s last moments, a Reddit user using the handle Bridget90 filmed a heartwarming video of herself and her mother having a conversation. There was just one problem: the audio went out.

On Monday, Bridget uploaded the silent video on YouTube. She then shared the link to Reddit and asked for the internet’s help.

“The audio got lost and this is the last video I have with my mom before she passed away. If anyone knows how to read lips and could tell me what we’re saying I’d be forever thankful,” Bridget said.

While YouTubers are pouring in their support in the comments section, Redditors got to work fulfilling Bridget’s wish by collaborating to transcribe the video.

Thus far, one Reddit user has translated about 75 percent of her video. In a message to the Daily Dot, the translator, who’s had a hearing impairment since birth, explained that the video really “tugged on their heartstrings” and made them want to help.

“I think it’s wonderful that the internet came together in such a way for this woman. When I first saw the post, it only had about 20 comments and a handful of upvotes,” the redditor said. “I think that’s really sweet, and things like that happen here a lot more often than you’d think.”

Bridget read the user’s transcription and thanked them for their help.

“Thank you so much,” Bridget said. “The ’75 percent’ ….definitely brings back some memories.”

Good Samaritans on the internet, meanwhile, are continuing to try and help Bridget understand 100 percent of the video.

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*First Published: Jun 13, 2017, 2:30 pm CDT