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Reddit is taking people on a treasure hunt throughout the country

A scavenger hunt of Reddit-sized proportions is underway around the U.S.


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A scavenger hunt of Reddit-sized proportions is underway around the U.S.

Reddit administrators have partnered with everyday users to hide boxes full of goodies in each state, Washington, D.C., and six other international cities.

“In each local subreddit, you’ll find a clue posted by someone from your community, hinting at where this box will be hidden,” said Reddit marketing manager Kaela Gardner, aka u/highshelfofsteam. “Then they’ll post again once the box is officially in its hiding spot with another hint.”

Most of the clues were subtle hints or riddles while other redditors, like those in Salt Lake City, Utah, received a photo of the box out in the open.

Gardner made a blog post about the scavenger hunt Wednesday morning, with links to each subreddit. Already, most of the gifts have been found.

“I found the package! It had a cool t-shirt, Boba Fett bobble head, and a bunch of other neat stuff,” KillerSealion commented after finding the package in Atlanta. “I’ll post a full list when I have a chance to. Shoutout to /u/hatcore for making this happen!”

“Talk about incredible luck!”

The redditors who found the package in Phoenix even took a group photo after they found it.

“We just happened to be driving down the street,” blakzer0 commented in r/phoenix. “I hit refresh, read the clues. We looked to our left and saw moon valley park. Figured moon and Luna were connected. Then we saw the bridge. Talk about incredible luck!”

The scavenger hunt is also being used as a promotional tool for Reddit Giftsaward-winning Secret Santa gift exchange. The event attracts thousands of people around the world, including celebrities like Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s also resulted in people receiving incredible gifts, like a new Apple laptop.

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