Woman finds rat in open pipe behind mirror


‘Had to have a room with a view’: Rat discovered in open pipe behind mirror

‘I was afraid to do anything.’


Audra Schroeder


Seeing a rat in your house can be stressful. But seeing a rat in your mirror might have you doing some reflecting.

A TikTok from @hulettpest, which has more than 2 million views, recently showed this reality at a home in Jupiter, Florida.

“Customer was hearing noises in her wall,” reads the caption. “We found an open pipe in the mirror.”

That’s not all they found. In the video, a pest control worker holds up a phone and flashlight to show a black spot where it looks like part of the mirror has been wiped away.

Behind that spot in the mirror is a rat.

“You def don’t want rats in your house but that situation is kinda adorable,” said one commenter.

“Adorable it’s like an aquarium,” said another.

@hulettpest Case solved! Customer was hearing noises in her wall. We found an open pipe in the mirror. Just call #Hulett #pestcontrol #TeamHulett #HulettPestControl #rodent #rats #rodents ♬ original sound – HulettPest

It appears that the spot on the mirror is the result of the rat scratching to get in, which is distressing.

In the comments, in response to someone asking if there was sheetrock, a Hulett rep says there is, but the pipe was “left open probably during construction or renovations in a bathroom wall.”

“I was afraid to do anything to tell you the truth,” says a woman who’s likely the owner of the house. “Because rats creep me out.”

Elsewhere, the Florida-based Hulett Environmental Services posted other videos showing some of the bigger pest issues that come with living in the state, like ants. (No roach videos so far.)

Rats in homes and apartments in Florida are very common; Tampa and Miami made a 2022 list of the most rat-infested cities in the U.S. The most common Florida resident, the roof or palm rat, is a fan of climbing.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hulett to ask how workers removed the rat.

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