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A cat in a Polish animal shelter helps take care of sick cats and dogs

Cats get a bad rap, but they can be sensitive and nurturing too.


Dylan Love


Radamenes the cat had quite a rough-and-tumble life before an animal shelter in Poland found him and nursed him back to health. Now, he earns his keep there by being a friend to sick animals.

This unique cat was nursed back to health by the staff of the shelter after he was diagnosed with a severe respiratory infection. The staff was surprised to see little Radamenes recover at all. But they were even more surprised to see him “hugging” and cleaning the other animals. He now regularly visits and tends to other sick animals at the facility.

Although cats have a reputation for being uninterested in the lives of others, it appears that this cat is an adorable exception.

H/T BoredPanda | Photo via TVN Meteo

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