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‘I should’ve listened to my gut from day one’: Tech worker says racist manager cost him a $5,000 bonus

'Forget HR, they will protect the company. I would have made a report to the EEOC.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Feb 24, 2023

A Black tech worker is highlighting on TikTok racist statements he endured from his white manager who he says inhibited him from getting a $5,000 bonus. 

In a span of four TikTok videos, user @swagmanjusto chronicles microaggressions he allegedly endured from a white manager when he started working at a big tech company. 

“I should’ve listened to my gut from day one,” he says. 

In the first video, @swagmanjusto details how the manager made a racist joke that he was from “the hood” after introducing himself to his team. 

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“I said my name, I said where I was from, my hometown and everything like that, my manager says, ‘Well, good morning from the hood’ …Mind you, everyone is upset now,” @swagmanjusto says, mentioning how even some of his white co-workers called the manager out for her remark. 

“I thought of some jokes instantly,” he says. “I was about to cook her ass. But I was like ‘No, bro chill. Don’t do that. It’s day one you gotta relax.’ So we just move on.”

In a separate incident, which the creator detailed in a now-deleted video, the manager brought up an episode of the television show “Black-ish” where they were dissecting the meaning of the terms “hood rich” and “boujhetto.” While @swagmanjusto was working, he says the manager came up and asked him if he considers himself  “hood rich” or “boujhetto”— a portmanteau of bougie and ghetto. She then allegedly asked him to attend a happy hour so he can explain the terms to her and his co-workers. 

“You think I’m going to go to happy hour with you, drink and then talk about what’s hood rich, what’s boujhetto?” @swagmanjusto says. “I’m the only Black dude on the team. Like you think I’m about to do that? I’m going home after work.” 

In another instance, he says she asked him to say a few words at a meeting on the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death because Bryant is part of @swagmanjusto’s “community.” Then later on, he says he found out that the manager joked at the aforementioned happy hour that @swagmanjusto likely didn’t attend because he was going around the city “stealing flat-screen TVs.” 

“That was the last strike,” @swagmanjusto says. 

He explains in a later video that once his manager saw he was performing ahead of his peers and eligible for a $5,000-$7,000 bonus, she then decided that the whole team would change from staggered bonuses to everyone receiving an equal amount. 

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“I was like ‘You cannot move the goalpost when I’m about to cross the finish line,’” @swagmanjusto says of the ordeal. 

In his final video about his experience, @swagmanjusto says he eventually found a job at a better company but made sure to detail the mistreatment he endured in an exit interview with human resources. He claims the former manager was later fired from her job. 

@swagmanjusto Replying to @janellfields Part 4‼️ (THE END). What’s y’all’s thoughts on the outcome? (Tshirts @ , link in bio) #corporateamerica #blackintech #careertok #careers #techtok #blackwomenintech #blackmenintech #racism #karen ♬ original sound – Swag

Studies have shown that Black tech employees have had to move jobs more often than their non-Black peers and also are provided fewer opportunities for advancement. 

Many commenters recounted similar experiences they’ve been through and heavily empathized with @swagmanjusto and his situation. 

“Having to be mindful of our reaction in the midst of racism because of racial biases against us is hella exhausting,” one commenter said. “I’m sorry you went through that.” 

“Bro, I hope you documented this woman’s craziness, and that you found a better job,” another person commented. “You have the patience of a Buckingham Palace Guard.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to @swagmanjusto via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 24, 2023, 2:49 pm CST