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104 puppies still extremely cute after surviving crash in overturned truck

Such a ruff and tragic tail.


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In a story straight out of a Disney movie, more than 100 puppies being taken to pet stores in New York state managed to survive after the truck transporting them drove off the highway and overturned in a ditch. 

State police rescued and took all 104 puppies to the local SPCA, with only five puppies sustaining injuries—one a fractured jaw, a second a fractured leg, and three with minor injuries.

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NBC News reports that the driver, Emily Woodrum of Missouri, was transporting the puppies to local pet stores on Tuesday, Jan. 24, when she lost control of the truck and crashed in Avoca, New York. 

According to the Finger Lakes SPCA, the puppies vary in breed, and 86 of them were sheltered at the SPCA while the rest were cared for at a local veterinary hospital. Though the organization suspects the puppies came from a puppy mill, where dogs are bred inhumanely, they wrote that vets discovered no health issues to indicate animal cruelty.

“While we too abhor puppy mills, we know of no means to legally confiscate animals only because there is a strong likelihood that a puppy came from one,” the group’s statement posted to Facebook reads.

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On Wednesday, Jan. 25, all but four of the puppies were released back to the transport company. 

At least these pups get another chance at life. It’s a doggone miracle they even survived.

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