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‘Work smarter not harder’: TikToker shares PTO strategy to get consecutive holidays

‘As a manager, I 100x support and advocate for this!’


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One TikToker thinks she has the best vacation plan for you. Her viral video on PTO, involving a breakdown of how to allocate your paid time off, has racked up millions of views.

User Chelsea (@chelseazeferina) pointed out that Christmas in 2022 falls on a Sunday, so the holiday will be observed on Monday, Dec. 26. Likewise, New Years’ Day 2023 falls on a Sunday and will be observed on Monday, Jan. 2.

So, she suggests taking off Dec. 27, 28, 29, and 30.

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It’s four PTO days, Chelsea says, but results in a 10-day holiday with no working responsibilities. More bang for your buck, in her opinion. 

Not all viewers agreed. One user said, “I never take that week off. It’s SO quiet I can just chill and not burn days.” 

But many people supported her and even managers weighed in with their two cents.

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“As a manager, I 100x support and advocate for this! TAKE YOUR TIME!!!,” one viewer claimed.

In another TikTok video regarding PTO, she shares her suggestion for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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She argues that workers should take off Nov. 21, 22, and 23. Chelsea says that for the price of 3 PTO days, employees will have a 9-day holiday from their job. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Chelsea via email.

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