woman speaking with laptop on lap with caption 'did you guys know that you can look online on your states treasury' (l) man speaking with hand up (c) woman speaking with laptop on lap with caption 'and see if you have any money for you in your name that you haven't claimed yet' (r)

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‘Run to your computer and do your search’: Man shares PSA for how to claim money your state owes you

‘Getting $559 back.’


Tricia Crimmins


A TikTok creator shows how to find out if you have unclaimed money owed to you by your state’s treasury—and how to claim it—in a viral video.

In a TikTok posted on April 11, Alex Pearlman (@pearlmania500) says that individuals can search for their name on their state’s treasury website to possibly find money in their name that they have not yet claimed.

“I’m gonna teach you right now how to get money back from your state,” Pearlman says in his video, which on Wednesday had almost 5 million views.

He explains that if you Google search “unclaimed property” and the name of your state, you’ll be directed to your state’s treasury website (and make sure that you’re clicking on a site that ends in .gov). Individuals can search their name and file claims to be sent any funds that are theirs.

“Literally billions of unclaimed funds in every state,” Pearlman says in the video’s caption. “Go get your [money].”

@pearlmania500 Literally billions of unclaimed funds in every state. Go get your 💵! #pearlmania500 #money #treasure #pennsylvania #florida #government #rubytuesdays #google #milestone ♬ original sound – Alex Pearlman

Commenters on Pearlman’s video shared the amounts of money they were able to claim from their state’s treasury website.

“Getting $559 back,” @iamzachhall commented.

“Just got me $400,” @therealemilylin wrote.

“I did this,” @.simzim commented. “It’s literally just enough to get myself some fast food.”

Other TikTokers referenced Pearlman’s PSA in their own videos and shared how much money they were able to claim.

TikToker Nickelle Mick (@nickellemick) says that she found “several hundred” for her mother and in-laws, plus money for her father and grandmother. Harmony (@travelwithharmoney) also shared that he had unclaimed funds as well.

“Run to your computer and do your search. My mind is blown,” Harmony says in his video. “Girl I got some money!”

And Pearlman’s video has spurred a surge in cash outs across the country. Bradley Earl, the director of the Unclaimed Property Division at the Virginia Treasury Department, told local news outlet the Virginia Mercury that claim numbers “jumped” around the time Pearlman posted his video.

“You don’t typically come across a government agency that’s trying to give money away,” Earl told the Virginia Mercury.

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