young woman doing prison makeup tutorial


‘It has the nerve to be full coverage’: Woman shares recipe she used for makeup in prison

‘Rihanna if you’re watching this…’


Tricia Crimmins


Next time you run out of foundation, you can combine flour, Pepsi, and hot cocoa mix to make a solid dupe. And if you don’t have a makeup brush for application, a tampon will do. That’s how one woman says she created and applied makeup while in prison.

In a TikTok posted on Sunday, Taylor (@taylorbnice) says that she spent 17 years in prison and shows viewers how to make “prison makeup.” Combine any available white powder, like flour, cake mix, or powdered sugar, with Pepsi and hot cocoa mix, and you’ve got a liquid foundation—the amount of Pepsi used depends on the shade of your skin.

“Rihanna if you’re watching this,” Taylor says in her video while showing her cosmetic creation. “I know how to make some shit.”

The TikToker says that inmates used prison makeup to cover black eyes or hickeys and that it can be applied via fingers or tampons.

She also demonstrates how it applies and shows that it completely covers up tattoos.

On Tuesday, Taylor’s video had over 6 million views.

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In other TikToks, Taylor also shows how to use an egg as a face mask and shares that she hasn’t been contacted by Fenty or any other makeup companies yet.

Many commenters on Taylor’s viral video were impressed with the makeup she made.

“It has the nerve to be full coverage,” @oneerin_onlyerin commented.

“It’s the coverage & shade match for me,” @missdanibaby24 wrote.

“Why does this look way better than a lot of name brand foundations,” @_yourbeautifull commented.

Others saw Taylor’s skills as an indictment of the prison system.

“This is definitely impressive,” @lovethycapricorn commented. “I’ve always said that our most talented people are being held down by the system.”

“Prison have some of the best chemist,” @hannahjoy2023 wrote.

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